KlimaCamp 12.-17. Nov. 2017

in Bonn

12. -17. November 2017

We pray and act to nourish and support a good spirit in the climate conference this year. 


Sweatlodge Ceremonies

Dates: on Sunday 12th November (morning until afternoon), on Thursday 16th November (evening/night)

Place: the park on the opposite Rheinufer (Limperich) across from the conference venue

Info: please bring a towel to sit on; men – bathing suit, women – long dress (covering your body to the knees)

Earth Drumming Circles

Date: 12th – 17th November (twice each day), morning at 8-9 am and evening 8-9 pm

Place: Tipis at the above mentioned park area, possibly alternating localities

Info: please bring your drum or rattle


Peace Carpet Weaving

Date: 12th – 17th November, each day at 10 am after the Earth Drumming Circle

Place: Tipis in the park (see above)

Info: the carpet shall be woven together by as many nations, people and communities as possible. In 2018 the Peace Carpet will be wrapped around a box filled with prayers for all living beings which will be given to the ocean as a prayer and medicine. Please support us in our endeavor to bring this network of love, peace and strength into life. 

SuTo Music

Info: The song „One earth, one responsibility“ was written by SuTo Music especially for the COP23 and will be performed at different places and times throughout the conference. We wish for this song to be sung by many voices. Music can unite us and help us express our common wish and prayer: One Earth. One Responsibility.



Wir bleiben dran. We keep the fire burning. Wir pflegen die Beziehung auch in diesen Zeiten.

One heart. One mind. One earth. One responsiblity.

Meldet euch bei uns, wenn ihr dabei sein wollt und wir geben euch dann alle weiteren Details. 

Machen wir uns bereit! Gemeinsam!